Licensed Electrician Adelaide

An electrician can simply be referred to as a skilled worker who specializes in electrical wiring of buildings. Some electricians in Adelaide also specialize in wiring stationary machines and other related equipment. While they can be employed to maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructure, they can also help to install electrical components.

If you are looking to become a licensed electrician Adelaide, here are some helpful tips to learn about. However, you need to first find out if this is the career for you before making any move.

Research Electrician Duties

As an electrician, you should be able to read blueprints. This will enable you to determine locations of circuits, panel boards, outlets and other types of equipment. Without this knowledge, you can’t be able to effectively furnish and manage to wire in businesses, factories, and homes. It is the responsibility of an electrician Adelaide to connect wires to switches, transformers, and other electrical components. You can either choose to specialize in maintenance (wiring system upgrade) or construction (wiring system installation). It’s important to understand that all the work you undertake as an electrician must comply with the standard regulation. This also includes local and state building codes so as to ensure public safety.

Obtain the Relevant High School diploma

In order to prepare for a career as an electrician Adelaide, there are certain courses you can take in high school. Some possibilities include mechanical drawing, English, workshop, chemistry, physics, geometry, and algebra. Also, you can acquire additional background by joining an electronics club in high school. During the summer, you can choose to work with an electrician or volunteer for organizations to gain experience.

Get formal training

Pursue a certificate or associate’s degree program to learn the classroom theory in a vocational school. Along with classroom lessons, this may take about 4 years to complete. Classes cover fire alarm safety, electrical theory, mathematics, safety, and blueprint reading. Credits earned during the program may be applied towards the requirement.

Complete an industry-sponsored apprenticeship

In order to effectively develop the on-the-job skills, you need to look for an apprenticeship. You can attach yourself with an experienced electrician to gain more hands-on experience. About 2,000 hours of on-the-job training will be required to do so. You can expect to perform several tasks such as installing conduit, testing wires and switches, and drilling holes.

Obtain a License

In Adelaide, electricians are required to acquire a license. You will need to pass exams on common electrical knowledge and theory, as well as the National Electrical Code. For other licensing requirements, do well to contact the state’s local building official. Once licensed, note that there will be a need for you to keep up-to-date with National Electrical Code amendments or additions.